Tucker Take Over: 5 of my Favorite Things!

    TuckTakeOver_Page_1Hello everyone, by now I am sure that you all know who I am, as my Katie likes to post lots of pictures of me, sometimes without my knowledge. For those of you that have not met me yet, my name is Tucker.  I like to think of myself as a mighty, crime fighting barking machine and Katie belongs to me!  This week, I have decided to take over her blog and thought that I would share with you five of my favorite things!

TuckTakeOver_Page_4Ok, so I am often told that I need braces, I’m not sure what that means but I think that it has something to do with my teeth. To be honest, I’m kind of self-conscious about my teeth so that’s why Katie gives me a toothbrush everyday! I prefer the smaller kind that are made just for Tucker’s like me. I’ve had the minty kind as well as the beef and let’s just say beef is always better! Some days when I’m lucky I can steal Angel’s away from her and then I get to eat two!  Angel joined our family almost 3 years ago, so I am forced to share my home and humans with her.  We tolerate each other, she is such a girly girl that generally I find it best to just leave her alone unless she has a treat and is not paying attention, then I like to use my awesome ninja moves to steal it away from her.  


Let’s talk toys! I am a simple Tucker, I prefer soft toys and a squeaker is a must! If it doesn’t squeak don’t buy it! Some of my favorites have been Clarice from Rudolph, Darth Vader and of course the ones that my Katie brought back from her many trips away from me to try and make up with me after being away from me for so long. I mean really, how many times does one need to go to Florida without me?!!


Unfortunately every time I manage to smell like the outdoors, usually after I get to roll around in this awesome scent I found in our back yard or on a walk; Katie catches me and makes me take a bath! She’s tried all sorts of different shampoos for me, but this one from Young Living Essential Oils happens to be her favorite. It’s not too girly and yet not manly enough for my sister Angel, so I find that it’s just right! Just please keep the lavender away from me, I don’t do lavender.


See this soft blanket that I am lying on? I took it off of my bed that I let Katie sleep in. She bought it just for me! I love anything soft, like fleece blankets, satin and this blanket of course. Not to mention the fact that I can blend into it and become a secret ninja! Katie said that she got it at Costco, although it can’t be a good place, as she’s never taken me there.

I have noticed through the years that “My Katie” likes to eat a high protein diet, because of this I also get to eat a high protein diet. I’m not complaining though, I really do love it! Especially when she decides to randomly add gravy to my dinner and warm it up just a touch in the microwave! Katie calls it Puppy-Loaf and I get about a ½ cup along with Angel’s vegetables every day!

Here’s my favorite dinner recipe:



  • 1 lb Ground Turkey

  • 1 Cup Cooked Rice

  • 1 Cup Mixed Vegetables

  • 1 Egg

  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Katie mixes it all together and bakes it like a meatloaf, the stove says 350 and it takes less than an hour; and let me tell you it is delicious! 

Well there is a neighbor dog coming down the road about five houses from here so I must go and greet him! Hopefully you can spoil your Tucker’s with some of my favorite things as well!

Tucker Sebastian

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