The Attic Boutique

The Attic Boutique_Page_1            I have always loved living and working in my hometown Chelsea, and one of my favorite little stores in Chelsea just happens to be the Attic Boutique.  The Attic is one of the most charming little stores located on Middle Street.  It’s the perfect place to stock up on some of my favorite jewelry pieces or even purchase a great dress or top.

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I wear some of their pieces every week and every time I do, I get asked where I purchased them! Some of my favorites are the rings because I can mix them in with any outfit. But I am known for wearing great statement necklaces some of which came from the Attic!

The Attic Boutique_Page_3

Their prices are extremely reasonable plus they often have sales! Like today when I walked in all of the jewelry was buy one get one 50% off! The earrings and rings that I bought were only $6 each!

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Since the store is located in Downtown Chelsea it is less than a block from just about anything, like Zou Zou’s (another favorite of mine) where I pick up coffee on my way to the Attic! I like to pop into the Attic at least once a month to see what’s new and chat with the charming store attendant who always seems to remember me.

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Chelsea is fortunate to have quite a few charming shops up town, and it is fun and easy to make a Ladies morning of it and then enjoy a wonderful lunch at one of our many restaurants downtown.

Have a great weekend!Katie-K-1024x341


 This blog is not sponsored by the Attic Boutique and all opinions are my own.

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