What’s in my Stadium Bag

Stadium Bag_Page_1    It’s no secret that I am an obnoxious cheesehead. however I like to think of myself as a “Classy Obnoxious Cheesehead”! Because of my devotion to my team the Green Bay Packers, and my love of traveling I find myself in Green Bay 1-3 times a year to attend the games.  Today I am sharing with you what I have in my stadium bag!

Fun Fact: I have NEVER been to a home game at Lambeau Field (Green Bay Packers Stadium) where we have lost!!!

Over the past couple of years the rules have drastically changed on what you can and cannot bring into a NFL Stadium. If you are attending a game for the first time, or even the first time in years please keep this in mind. Your bag needs to be smaller than a coach wristlet or clear and completely see through! Most pro shops now sell stadium approved bags, however they sell also sell non stadium approved bags as well so you need to keep an eye out! They usually have a tag telling you if the particular bag that you are purchasing be allowed in.

Stadium Bag_Page_2

Personally I prefer to have my hands free during the game so that I can do things like cheer, jump up and down, eat cheese curds all while not worrying about my purse. Because of that when I saw this bag a couple of weeks ago at the Pro Shop in Lambeau I just knew that I had to have it.  This bag can be worn cross body and is a perfect fit for me!

When packing your stadium bag, make sure not to forget your essentials; driver’s license, money and TICKET FOR THE GAME! I also like to make sure that I bring my insurance card and a backup credit card as you never know what darling item you might just have to have.

Stadium Bag_Page_3

For those of you that don’t know, Lambeau Field is an outdoor stadium. It is a legendary stadium filled with history that is known for things like the Ice Bowl and the FROZEN Tundra. I’m sure you can guess from the nick names that IT GETS COLD. I never go into Lambeau without a pair of gloves and hand warmers. You just never know how cold you are going to be! However this last game that I attended in October was a happy fluke, it was so sunny and hot out that I even got sunburned!

Growing up, my Mamaw has always told me, never leave the house without your lipstick and pearls. Living with this saying my entire life of course I have my favorite lipstick in my purse!! I also carry hand sanitizer wipes with me. You never know where your going to have to go to the bathroom when you are tailgating and it’s always better to be prepared for anything.

Stadium Bag_Page_4

Make sure to leave room in your bag when you leave home for the game. There are always handouts that you will want to keep but you will not want to hang onto them for the next four hours.  For every game you go into the stadium for you are usually given a freebie, this time it was pink towels sponsored by Kohl’s in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  For Green Bay home games we are also given a team roster on our way to our seats.

Thankfully this all fit nicely in my bag.

Stadium Bag_Page_5

If you are planning on attending a game in support of your favorite team in the near future, I hope that you find my tips and tricks helpful to you.

Go Packers!!!


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