How to send your Parentals away for the weekend!

       Weekend Getaway_Page_8I don’t usually brag but… I am the best daughter EVER! No really, everyone is saying so!

A couple weekends ago I sent my parents away for their 25th anniversary! I decided that they needed to celebrate in style so I did what I do best, I researched and planned a very romantic weekend getaway at the Castle in the Country in Allegan, Michigan.

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I started plotting this trip in June and the only information that I had given them was to please clear their schedules because I had plans for them December 18th through 20th but that was it, being my Parentals, they both did as I had asked, curious but asking no questions. They both had no idea about anything else! During my search I found this charming Bed and Breakfast in Allegan Michigan called the Castle in the Country. I was purposely looking for something new and special where they hadn’t been before. The castle seemed perfect! From there I built their getaway. The castle’s website helped me a ton by providing me with restaurants and towns near the castle. Using the majority of their information I then was able to custom build a binder complete with menus, and itinerary and all the information about the castle that they might need.

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After going through all of the suites available, I booked them in the Sir Lancelot Suite, it was a spacious suite that overlooked the pond on the third floor of their Castle Keep building. It seemed perfect for them! My Parentals managed to sneak into the other rooms before the other guests arrived and have assured me that their room was their favorite which included a three sided fireplace.  I am now starting to think that just maybe this wasn’t the best idea that I have had as they are now trying to figure out how to get a three-sided fireplace into our house.

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On Saturday I signed my Parentals up for a cooking class/demonstration with candies and cookies from around the world! This class was held in the Castle Keep and was taught by their own chef! I think this was their favorite part and they were able to bring home lots of samples to share with me!

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Afterwards they ended up spending the evening in Holland, which is always a favorite of ours!

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Sunday at noon I had signed them both up for a sleigh ride through Wild West Ranch but due to lack of snow and crazy warm temperatures in Michigan in December (Crazy!) they had to settle for a carriage ride, which wasn’t bad at all! My dad said that he really enjoyed it! And they made sure to take lots of pictures of the horses for me!  The horse’s name was Jinglebells and their carriage was darling, fun, and they really enjoyed being out and about on the crisp morning.

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Since I was not actually on this getaway with my Parentals, here is what my mom had to say about it to all of her Facebook family and friends.Weekend Getaway 2_Page_1

This past weekend, Roland & I were given a weekend surprise for our 25th wedding anniversary getaway by our darling daughter. We really did not know anything about our trip until the day we left when we were handed our packing list, itinerary and map to a very charming and delightful B&B Perfectly named Castle in the Country located in Allegan, Michigan.


When we arrived we were literally blown away by this wonderful mini vacation, the Castle is simply gorgeous, the owners were equally fantastic and we were very spoiled, staying in there lush Sir Lancelot Suite. We had a beautiful fireplace and king size jacuzzi in our room. Our breakfasts were bar none and this morning I enjoyed the very best spinach, caramelized onion and smoked gouda quiche that I have ever had!


Yesterday afternoon we were treated to a fun filled holiday cookies and candy making class from around the world that was taught by Melinda Dimond, the goodies that she made for us were incredible, she was extremely generous and gave us plenty of these tasty treats to take home with us! I plan on using her recipes on a regular basis, especially her Italian Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti!


This afternoon our Dolly treated us to a sleigh ride (because of the lack of snow we were instead treated to a 45 minute horse and buggy ride) what a blast we both had spending this great time together!


Thank you so much our darling daughter for all of your months of planning, our trip was Fantastic and a great SUCCESS! The restaurants that you had researched & planned were also top notch and oh so yummy!

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 I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!! Happy New Year!


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