Katie’s Packing Tips


Going on a trip? Weekend getaway? I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to have been traveling my entire life and over the years I have become somewhat of a traveling, planning and packing pro. I always love the amazement on people’s faces when they see that I can pack everything I need into a small carry on suitcase!


My biggest tip would have to be these e-bags! I like to dedicate one for clothes, one for lingerie and the last one for my nighttime routine. You can get them in just about any color imaginable, my dad has gray and my mom owns a leopard set!  One of my favorite parts about these particular style of  bags, is if you hate the idea or thought of security guards or airline workers going through your clothes these bags make it not only much easier on them, it give you peace of mind as they keep everything contained, organized and in one place.


Katie’s Traveling/Packing Fun Fact: Rolling your clothes takes up less space, doesn’t wrinkle your clothes and allows you to pack more in your suitcase!


The item that I tend to forget the most is a bag for dirty clothes. I literally shake my head during my first night of every trip when I realize that I forgot a bag yet again, which is why I sprung for this Kate Spade Laundry Bag! Granted a plastic bag would do the trick, but this bag lets me get away with not doing laundry for at least a week. Not to mention the fact that it’s polka dots!


You can never have too many shoes! I am a bit of a germ-a-fob (thank you Mom!) so the whole idea of just throwing your shoes that are full of an average of 421,000 bacteria in with your clean clothes in the suitcase just doesn’t sit right with me. Because of that I keep the bags that come with my shoes and use them when traveling. That way the bottom of my shoes doesn’t get all over my clean stuff.



What are some of your favorite packing tips?


Safe Travels!


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