Spring Fever

        IMG_7966Since my vacation I have had a case of Spring fever, BAD! I haven’t ditched my flip-flops either; which might not be a good thing as we came home to a snow storm. But the warmer temperatures are here, my flip flops are out and I am wearing bright colors and planning the first holiday we have had at home in 10 years!!!


I have been so excited for Easter! It is by far one of my favorite holidays, and it always has the best candy. Halloween has nothing on Easter candy! One of my family’s traditions is to order fudge eggs from Seroogy’s Chocolates to have in our baskets Easter morning. Seroogy’s is my absolute favorite chocolate on this planet and my goal every year is to savor my egg and make is last as long as possible. My favorite is the maple walnut one. They also have chocolate and turtle!


Although I can’t share all of our details for Easter this year as I have some surprises in store for my family, I can share our menu with you! Most of this is what we have every year for Easter but we have some new additions like the Italian Easter Bread, Grape Salad and the Salmon Coulibiac.




My fever has definitely impacted my fashion in a big way, and not just with my love for flip-flops. I brought my Kate Spade lemon purse back out (when we still had snow) as well as these floral statement necklaces and earrings that I have been collecting this winter in anticipation. I can’t tell you how amazing it makes me feel to go outside in the morning and hear the birds chirping with the sun shining. I’ve definitely been in a better mood because of it!



Next month is the Chelsea Quilt Retreat that Katie K Designs presents and I have been super busy working through my to-do lists to make sure that this year is better than ever! We still have some availability if you are interested in joining us! (Email Me!)

Has the fever hit you too? What are you most looking forward to this Spring?


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