What’s in my Purse


I’ve become quite notorious for my purse collection over the years. Owning a quality purse happens to be a weakness of mine. Because of this I have a golden rule for when I actually buy a new purse. When I find a purse that I love I don’t just impulsive buy, but I sleep on it, stalk it online, search for sales and coupons then eventually I break down and I treat myself. Today I thought I would share the essentials on what I keep in my purse.


It’s a classic “What’s in your bag” post, no matter what size I happen to be carrying these can always be found in my purse!

Kate Spade Wallet

After trying many different types of wallets over the years I have become quite partial to the Kate Spade “Stacy” style. I love the ease of it, especially when shopping and needing that quick end of exchange put everything away scenario that happens every time I buy something. There are no zippers, which make for a quick open/close. I would honestly buy this wallet in every color! However the polka dots seem to go with most of my purses!


Clinique Lipstick

My Mamaw always taught me, “Don’t leave the house without your lipstick and pearls!” I normally don’t even leave my house without some bright pink lipstick on, even to go work out. For my purse I like to keep Clinique’s Matte Beauty, it’s not as bright as my others, which makes it perfect just in case I happen to be wearing a more neutral shade. I may not always have business cards on me, but you can be sure I always have my lipstick!


Draper James Key Chain

The moment I laid eyes on this magnolia key chain from Draper James I fell in love! It’s the perfect size and helps me find my keys with ease. I love the white/navy/gold combo and its super durable. Plus if I leave it hanging out of my purse it looks super cute!

Starbucks Gold Card

We all know that I am a Starbucks girl! Although I have the Starbucks app, I have experienced a couple of times where it went down while there was a huge line behind me. (Embarrassing!) Because of this I always keep my card on me just in case. That way, I always get the points and never hold up the line due to technical difficulties.


My newest indulgence would be my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac.

This perfect flamingo pink cross body is my first Rebecca Minkoff and let me tell you I am over the moon about it! It’s completely leather, (I love the smell of leather) and even came with extra leather strings for replacements. I needed something a bit smaller and lighter to carry around and when I found this one I just knew it was going to be perfect! The Mini Mac fits all of my essentials as well as my phone and a pair of socks (for Pure Barre classes) perfectly!

What are your essentials for your purse? Did you get a new one for summer?


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