Mermaid Factory


I have spent quite a bit of time in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia over the course of my life.  My cousin and I decided to have a girl’s day while I was in town last week, both of us wanted to do something that neither of us had done before and after a bit of research I found this great place called the Mermaid Factory in Norfolk.



Neither of us had heard of this place before, but we both have a bit of an obsession with the Norfolk Mermaids that are found all over the city. These mermaids are large sculptures in the silhouette of a mermaid, however they are all decorated differently. My personal favorite is a mermaid decorated as a chocolate bar with the foil wrapping.



The Mermaid Factory is a place where you can go to paint and decorate your own smaller sized Norfolk Mermaid or Dolphin. These mermaids and dolphins are plaster and come with a stand that you can paint as well. The factory has many different colors, glitter, ribbons, seashells and other fun things to help you make your mermaid perfect for you.



The factory offers other options as well, like a kit to go, magnets, ornaments or even larger sizes all for you to decorate. While I was there I also saw a bunch of mermaids that were special ordered for some event and was told they were for some event with a submarine. The Mermaid Factory also has a bunch of mermaid keepsakes for sale, including jewelry, scarves, books, signs etc.



While we were there for our girl’s day, there was a group of ladies there for a bachelorette party as well as a couple groups of little girls for a birthday party! It was such a fun place for mermaid lovers!



You can check out some of the awesome mermaid designs that others have come up with on their Facebook Page. Also, there are two locations, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Has anyone else decorated a mermaid? I would love to see it!

Have a great week!


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