DIY: Foaming Hand Soap


I fell in love with Young Living Essential Oil Thieves Foaming Hand Soap in January, and realized when I went to wash my hands that my soap dispenser was yet again empty, I seriously pouted as I did not want to spend another $17 (plus shipping!) for hand soap let alone the $50 refill bottle! My frugal side started thinking about what it would take to make my favorite foaming soap so I asked myself several questions…  How hard would it be to make? What would the cost of the supplies be? Would making the soap actually save me money??

Foaming Dish Soap Recipe




After a bit of online research (and a bunch of YouTube videos later) I finally created a foaming hand soap recipe, utilizing the essential oils that I love.  I knew that I already had the Thieves Household Cleaner on hand as I use it for everything in my house.  I also saved all of the empty foaming hand soap dispensers.  Which meant that I was only missing the unscented Castile Soap!





It was then that I took my mission to Amazon and ordered/purchased the unscented Castile Liquid Soap.  At first I thought that the Castile Liquid Soap was a bit on the pricey side however I’ve refilled my hand soap 12 times so far and have only used 1/3 of the bottle! So for $20 cost, it is only costing me about $0.56 per bottle to make the foaming hand soap! The Thieves Household Cleaner is $29 and all you need is a capful in each bottle to make the foaming hand soap. Since I use this for most of my cleaning needs, I am not sure how much you get out of each bottle, but I do know that it is worth it!



IMG_9571 copy


The recipe that I created ended up being so easy; I literally refill bottles while my coffee is brewing from my Keurig! I did end up purchasing more foaming hand soap bottles so that each sink had a back up as well as these darling little travel bottles!!! (I got them for less than $2 each here.)




IMG_9542 copy

With my allergy to scents (perfumes, cleaning supplies, air fresheners, etc.) washing my hands in public bathrooms becomes very hard! A lot of times I end up looking under the sink for Dawn or something less harsh for my senses. Having an allergy to harsh chemicals and scents has always made purchasing and using most cleaning products challenging. I have found that Young Living Essential Oils is made of 100% natural ingredients, and the only of its kind that I am not allergic too.




IMG_9636I have a FREE printable version of the recipe for you here:

Foaming Dish Soap Recipe

As well as FREE printable labels for your soap here:

Hand Soap Labels

IMG_9630 copy

Is anyone else a big essential oil fan? Have you made your own soap before?


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