I’m all about that Barre


I loathe exercising. The only thing I remotely looked forward to is and was swimming.  Personally, I have always thought that people who loved to work out were secretly lying to the world. That was until I went to Pure Barre for the first time. I have never left a workout feeling so relaxed and peaceful. Not to mention knowing that I had just worked out for an hour so I earned that Frappuchino across the street!


A couple of months ago I was telling my nutritionist that I was interested in trying yoga or that Barre thing that I kept seeing and hearing about. Well, she all but signed me up for Pure Barre herself! Following through on my word I decided to try it, just once. Signing up was super easy, everything was online and they had so many options that made it really easy. Two days later I was at the Friday noon class, a total fish out of water.



Pure Barre is a workout inspired by ballet, Pilates and yoga. They focus on tiny movements, like only an inch here or an inch there but believe me it still burns! You sign up for classes that are led by a teacher who talks you through each position all while listening to pumping music. The most equipment that you use is a ball, weights, stretch band and a mat; which is all provided at the studio. The movements focus on your arms, thighs, seat and abs to lift, tone and burn them. (Which are all of my problem areas!)



I read a lot of blogs on beginner tips, things to expect and how you are going to feel like you can’t get out of bed for the following two days. These blogs ended up being the biggest help to me, and were all completely true! I honestly can’t say these tips any better myself.

Here are some of the blogs:



The ladies that work at Pure Barre were totally sweet and welcoming! The receptionist took me on a tour, introduced me not only to the instructor for the class but another instructor that was taking the class as well. I chose to hang out by her so I knew what I was doing. Let’s just say it took me a couple of weeks to catch my breath. But it didn’t stop me, before I left after that first class I signed up for their first month special. Of course by the time I got to my truck I was trying to figure out what the heck was I thinking? But I was determined.



 Within two weeks I had bumped up my schedule to three classes a week, lost 3% of my body fat, lost weight, and ended up getting these defined the curves that keep me amazed every time I look in the mirror. I am about to start my third month this week; keeping with the three times a week and I have to be honest I think I am obsessed!



 If you ask me what I am doing lately, chances are my schedule revolves around whichever class I am signed up for that day. (Usually 10:15am M/W/F) It has become an hour of pure bliss (no pun intended) I end up completely relaxed and mellow by the time I am walking out of the doors, not to mention ready for a nap after the final cool down. Granted I did just push my body to the limit in every way possible.



Everyone I have met, instructors and clients have all been so wonderful and helpful! I am still not able to do everything in class, I use modifications that the instructors gave me instead, Even with the modifications, it hasn’t stop me from giving my all and improving week after week. (Last week I slid into a split stretch I didn’t even know that I have.) A couple of fellow clients have also commented on how much my body has changed in the short amount of weeks! How amazingly wonderful is that!?! Talk about women encouraging women during workouts!


If you have been thinking about trying Pure Barre, I highly recommend it as soon as possible! I have even been thinking about bringing my Mamaw! If you go in Ann Arbor, make sure to mention my name as a referral. Hopefully I will see you in class!


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