Rolling Hills Water Park


It’s no secret that I am a water person, and this time of year is the perfect excuse to go cool down at a water park! Every summer I know I have mentioned Rolling Hills Water Park, because I personally think that it’s Ann Arbor’s best-kept secret! Although I am not sure how much of a secret it is as it’s always busy!


Rolling Hills Park is located a few miles off of I-94 exit 183. It is a national park, with a hidden water park inside its limits. The price for parking depends on if you live within Washtenaw County and what day of the week you are visiting. But the price of parking plus the Water Park admission still has me spending less than $20 for a day of fun and relaxation!



Inside the park is a newly built locker room house, featuring indoor and outdoor lockers as well as family changing rooms. Along the half moon shape of the main attractions are rows of lounge chairs and beds. Those get taken quickly! (I like to get there when they open at 11am so I can always have a bed.) Thatโ€™s why you will find on the lawn tons of towels and blankets laid out over the hilly grass.

IMG_9814 copy

For the main attractions there are the two original slides, a waterfall and kids area, a wave pool, a kids jungle gym, three brand new slides and my favorite; the lazy river. It might not seem like much, but for a water park in your backyard, its perfect!

















There is a Grill inside that offers Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Grilled Chicken etc. The prices arenโ€™t too bad, but if youโ€™re like me I usually crave a peanut butter sandwich so I brown bag it. Outside food and drinks (besides water) are not allowed in the park, so with a stamp on the hand you can easily go eat in your car or other picnic areas. I like to bring frozen water bottles with me and keep them under my lounge bed. As they defrost I am usually ready for something icy cold to drink.




I have been coming here for over 10 years now, I try and come at least once a summer. It is usually a random day that I decide to treat myself and it is always worth it! Next time that you are in Ann Arbor for the summer make sure to spend a day playing in the water!


Have a great week everyone!


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