Lipstick Roundup

           LipstickRoundupHow many lipsticks do you keep on you at all times? I have at least one in my purse, one in my tote, and at least one in my desk but they are all different shades! I am sharing with you my current favorites that I have on rotation this time of year.

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We are entering into a tricky time of year; school and football are starting yet it is not yet fall. We are still wearing our summer wardrobe however slowly mixing in our newest fall fashions. I don’t wear the same lipstick color everyday, although they are all Clinique. Due to my scent allergy all of my makeup is Clinique because they are fragrance free. (Not sponsored, but Clinique-you can contact me anytime!) 😉

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I have quite a bit of bright pink in my wardrobe and on the days that I wear a lot of this I don’t like to wear it on my lips as well. I will never say that there is too much pink (that could never happen) but it doesn’t make me feel like the confident warrior woman that I am. And trust me, that is a feeling that I prefer to leave my house with every day. That is why I wear shades like Clinique’s Long Last Lipstick in Creamy Nude and Matte Suede.

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Creamy Nude is a bit shiny with a bronze tone that makes your lips not look completely bare. It gives you a wonderful natural feel that would be wonderful to take with you into your fall wardrobe.

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Matte Suede is a great neutral lipstick; I like to keep this one in places like my tote and my desk because it goes with everything! It’s a matte, so there is not a shine but it does have a slight rose tint that even looks great when you are wearing a hot pink shirt!

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My personal favorite, and everyday lipstick this summer has been Clinique’s Long Last Matte Lipstick in Matte Petal. It’s a bright pink without being completely neon and glowing on its own. Matte Petal does not have the shine, but it lasts a long time and is the bright pink that keeps me smiling all day long. I’m not a red lipstick girl, my staple is a great pink lipstick and this is definitely one of those! I like to keep this lipstick in my purse and carry it with me wherever I go.

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I have more than one of each of my favorite tubes, as I like to keep each one in my makeup box as well. All three are long lasting, and let me tell you I have put them all to the test! It sometimes surprises me that after a 55 minute Pure Barre class, breakfast, lunch multiple cups of coffee and water later and late in the afternoon my lipstick still looks like I had just put it on! At most I put it on twice a day, once in the morning and then a reapply if I notice it needs a bit touching up.

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What are your go to shades? If your looking to try something new, especially with the season transition coming up remember to make sure that it makes you feel like a confident warrior woman to start your day off!CWWEtsy

Have a great week!




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