A Day in the Life of Katie


My daily schedule just about varies from day to day. People all the time ask what my schedule is like, and their eyes go REALLY big when I start listing the different possibilities and everything that I do in a given day. At least three days a week are pretty much the same and I thought I would share with you one of those, a day in the life of Katie.

FullSizeRender copy 11

Snooze…. Snooze….. Snooze…..

7:30am (Snoozing until 7:50am, 8:00am at the latest)

I always seem to set my alarm too early for my liking and being a natural “snoozer” does not help. I would honestly hit snooze for hours if I could get away with it. I was even blessed with dogs that love to sleep in and sometime refuse to get out of bed in the morning. However there are days that once the alarm goes off Angel (My Parentals Malti-Poo) decides to sit on my face. Nothing gets you out of bed quicker in the morning than a dog butt on your face.

Once my feet hit the ground I am pretty good at autopilot on my morning rituals, which always includes coffee. Did I mention I am not a morning person? I tend to lay out my clothes the night before so getting dressed is a breeze. When I am awake enough I do glance at my emails, not always opening or answering them because I’m not of full mind, but I check if something is urgent or not. I can actually get up and out the door in under 30 minutes, 20 minutes if I hit snooze and nothing goes wrong.

FullSizeRender copy 12

Heading to my Pure Barre Class. Both will be empty by 10:15am!


I am out the door to start off my morning with a 9:00am Pure Barre class. The nearest Pure Barre is four exits away and there tends to be traffic. You can check out my previous blog on Pure Barre here. I have loved doing these classes in the morning, I get to throw all of my energy and focus into my workout. As I take my final deep breath in the last stretch of class I always feel refreshed and ready to take on the world. I like to bring my tote bag filled with clothes that I had picked out the night before and change before I leave Pure Barre. It saves me time, and I don’t feel self-conscious when I stop at other public places before heading home.

FullSizeRender copy 13 10:15am

My next stop is almost always Starbucks. By a wonderful luck of fate Starbucks is across the street from Pure Barre. I either go through the drive thru and work from home, go to meet clients, grocery shopping (on Wednesdays), run errands or choose to bring my laptop and work inside the coffee shop for a couple of hours. I actually get more done at Starbucks than I do at home. During this time I answer all emails, work on custom etsy orders, write my blogs, create new digital prints, schedule social media posts and work on freelance graphic design projects all while enjoying my second cup of coffee. I work best at multitasking from my to-do list and when I give myself a deadline. If I am at home I also like to painting in the Katie K Studio, even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes.FullSizeRender copy 10


Working from Starbucks


By now I like to be at home, spending a bit of time with Tucker and Angel. I usually like to give myself an hour to make myself lunch, however being the natural multitasker I also take this time to take pictures for my blogs and update/schedule social media posts while I prepare my lunch. Not to mention the belly rubs and cuddles that I get from my dogs. My favorite thing for lunch? Leftovers! I am a total give me leftovers kind of girl. I can’t always eat breakfast so by now I am very hungry.

FullSizeRender copy

Tucker and Angel hard at work in the Katie K Studio. They like it when I work from home.


I am the Marketing Coordinator for Chelsea Family Dentistry and Milford Family Dentistry. The Chelsea office is located only a mile or two from where I live and I work there from 2:00-5:00pm four days a week. (M/T/W/TH) I am in charge of our advertisements, sponsorship’s, donations, social media, website maintenance, design work, branding, internal marketing, employee engagement, planning and attending events and pretty much making sure that our offices and business look amazing in every aspect!

Employee Spotlight August 2016 Katie Klink

Days that I am in the Milford office are a bit different, hence the different variety in schedule. On those days (usually Tuesdays) I go for morning meetings and push Katie K Designs, errands and belly rubs to the afternoon.

IMG_1906 B

Easter Egg Hunt 2016: Handing out Popcorn and other goodies with my Dad for Milford Family Dentistry.


Representing Milford Family Dentistry in July 2016 Ribbon Cutting for Method Barre in Milford, MI

Β 5:30pm

As soon as I get home for the night I am often in the kitchen for a while. Usually putting dishes away and starting dinner. After dinner I usually design while catching up on TV shows or I like to schedule meeting with clients in the evenings as most people are at work during the day. If I am really tired I’ll just be on Pinterest! ;P Depending on how exhausted my brain is, I like to work on sewing projects as well. I leave my sewing stuff up on the dining room table so I can start/stop it whenever. That is of course unless I have company coming over, then I put it all away. 😦 During this time of year my family and I tend to can in the evenings, we have tomatoes, spaghetti sauce and salsa coming up soon! There are also plenty of household projects to be worked on during this time frame.FullSizeRender copy 16

IMG_5785 copy



I am a night owl, so it’s during this time that my head is usually spitting out ideas and I find my second wind. Sometimes I even decide to do laundry or clean my room because of all of my new energy! But this is when I start my nightly routine to go to bed. (Which ends up being around 12-1am!) Then of course I get up the next morning and do this all over again!



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