Your own Personal Stylist through Stitch Fix!


With my busy hectic schedule, I don’t always have time to go shopping for myself, especially when I need more staple pieces in my wardrobe.  I don’t know about you but I have always thought it would be fun to have a personal stylist like you see on TV. Stitch Fix gives you that luxury of having a personal stylist who personally selects pieces specifically for you based off of your profile, likes and your own style.  Not only does she select items that you will love, but they will be arriving directly to your door so you can try them on in the privacy of your home, which also gives you the opportunity to pair them with things that you already have in your closet. This week I am sharing with you the great fun and success that I experienced with my first box subscription from Stitch Fix. 

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Earrings/Similar, Similar  FullSizeRender copy 19

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FullSizeRender copy 23

FullSizeRender copy 24A co-worker approached me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I had ever heard of Stitch Fix. Of course I got excited after she proceeded to tell me all about it! Then when she brought some of the items that she received (and purchased) to show me I just knew I had to check it out!

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While there is a quite lengthily profile that you will need to fill out, keep in mind that in the long run it will make your life so much easier. The questions go over in detail how you like each piece of clothing to fit on your body. That way when you order a certain size, it’s not too large or too small but just right Goldilocks! 😉 Stitch Fix also gives you the opportunity to link a Pinterest board to your profile so that your stylist gets an idea of what you like as well as what colors/patterns you don’t like! For me, I can’t stand orange, plaid, horizontal stripes, red or browns. So that Pinterest board that you throw outfits in that you love but could never wear, I know you have one too; your stylist can use that as inspiration to find pieces that you love and can wear!

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There is also the chance to write a note to your stylist, especially if you are looking for something special or have an event coming up. I knew Fall was around the corner so I personally asked for a lovely pair of booties! And they totally delivered!

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Every box has five pieces total. If you purchase all five they even give you a 25% off discount! These pieces can range from purses, jewelry, shoes, pants, skirts, dresses and tops. (You can customize this as well!) For my first box I received not only a pair of Booties but two shirts (one of which I knew instantly that I wanted!), a skirt and a dress. 

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To start your personal stylist journey with stitch fix all it costs is $20, but you get that off when you purchase your first item! Inside your box is a price list for each item, that way you have an idea of how much you are spending before you check out online. Then the items that you don’t want you place in the bag they provide you and just place it in your mailbox for your mailman to take away! Returns don’t cost you a thing!!!

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Interested in getting your own box to try out? You can sign up here. Also, after you receive your first box you can share your referral link and for every friend that signs up you get a $25 credit toward your next item! How awesome is that?!?!

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Happy shopping!!! 


This blog was not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I just really loved it! Although they are more than welcome to contact me! ;P

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