Time to Tailgate!

image1 It’s finally Fall Y’all! Now that my favorite season (and Birthday Season) has finally arrived not to mention the outpour of Pumpkin Spice Latte’s I thought I would share with you tailgating Katie’s way. Let the football season begin!


Dress/Scarf/Shoes/Necklace/Lipstick/Sunglasses (similar)/Earrings


A couple of years ago while I was attending a game at Lambeau Field, I came across these tailgaters that had these giant tents set up complete with crystal chandeliers, round tables and linen napkins. Oh my goodness talk about tailgating goals at its finest. That was my kind of tailgating! I’m not quite there yet but I am in my mind palace!


As I’m sure you all know my team is the Green Bay Packers (#owner) so naturally I want everything green and gold. Which is why I love to decorate with fruit, why not? Lemons and limes are naturally green and yellow and are prefect colors for my team. If you think about your team’s colors this makes a cheap, edible and affordable way to decorate for the big game. You could use apples (red), oranges (orange), pears (green), carrots (orange), eggplant (purple and white), pretty much anything that is natural and gives off a harvest vibe! How adorable is this apothecary jar? I actually found it free by the side of the road! You can get one at Homegoods for around $30.



When it comes to tailgating food I like things smaller, snack size and can be made ahead of time. Especially if it means that I can freeze it and reheat it the morning of the game to make my life simpler and less stressful. That way I also get more time to enjoy with my fellow fans and friends. I wanted to find a way to make my most favorite food in the world (and guilty pleasure) tailgating friendly; which is why I made Dashing Dish’s cauliflower mac & cheese recipe from her cookbook (that you can get here) and I turned it into cupcakes! It was so simple, all I did was follow her recipe but instead of baking it in one big dish or four smaller dishes like she suggests; I divided it into a muffin tin and baked it. When they’re all golden brown and bubbly I let them cool down a bit before I took them out and they turned out perfect! Then I topped the cupcakes with little Go Packers flags that you could make with any team. They’re so delicious and healthy!





I don’t know about you but I’m a root beer kind of girl, especially when it comes in diet! A&W happens to be my favorite and I prefer drinks that come in a bottle because I can never finish it all at once. I made these cute little football circles (you can download Football Circles for FREE) to put around the bottles. They also serve as name tags which are so handy when tailgating. That way when you put your drink down you know whose drink is whose.







There is nothing I love more in this world than a turkey burger. Turkey burgers are actually the reason why I could never become a vegetarian. Turkey burgers and seafood. (I haven’t touched beef or pork in over 15 years!) Everyone knows tailgating is all about grilling. Rather than making big burgers that fill you up, I prefer to have little sliders. That way I don’t feel guilty about eating more than one or eating more than just a burger. I can have my mac & cheese in addition to my burger and be perfectly satisfied. Also they’re tiny and I love tiny foods because I am usually in a snacking mood while I’m tailgating and waiting for the game. Sliders are so simple to make, I just bought slider buns and I made the little turkey patties about the size of the bun. This is something that I can have grill ready ahead of time. I grilled the sliders like normal and then of course I added cheese! I had all of the side condiments for everyone to tailor their burger to their liking. Pass the mustard over here please.









The transition of the end of summer and beginning of fall is also canning season y’all. Which means I have been busy all weekend canning tomatoes, salsa, spaghetti sauce, freezing corn; picking and canning peaches and pickling beets. Naturally when I tailgate and I bring chips and salsa I bring my homemade salsa! What could be better than homemade salsa?!?!


Who else is ready to start tailgating this season?

Go Packers!


PS: I have a few new football prints in my etsy shop for you to check out! They would be a perfect addition for game day!

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