3 Essentials to Game Day at Lambeau



I have been to so many games at Lambeau Field that I can’t even count! It occurred to me when I was there last week that I have certain essentials and things that I need before I take my seat for kickoff. This week I am sharing with you what it takes to get me in my seat for the game.


1. Walk down Armed Forces Drive

Green Bay is unlike any other city during a football game. Streets and businesses (except bars) are closed for miles and there is non stop tailgating and partying. Although I am not the party type of girl (hello, introvert!) nothing gets me in the Packer spirit more than walking through the heart of it all. This particular street leads right into the Oneida Nation gate into Lambeau. It’s filled with parties, vendors, street musicians, dancing cheese cups and so much more. Of course this is also the place to score freebies and try free samples of things like cheese, wine cheese, beer cheese and more cheese of course! This street happens to be the main route I take from where I park, to my gate and eventually my seat. It gets it’s name from the awesome tribute to all of the branches of the military that’s on the corner by Lambeau Field.





2. Stadium Seat

Lambeau field has mainly bench seating. For those of you that can sit for hours on those seats without being in agonizing pain, I salute you! Unfortunately I can’t, I have arthritis in my back and suffer from chronic back pain. Last summer I sat on a stadium seat for a graduation and I was in so much pain I could barely stand. Thankfully, Lambeau has an answer for that! For $6 you can rent a seat that fits perfectly on the bench. These are in no way the royal throne of seats but they make a HUGE difference, especially when you want to sit for 4 hours. Lambeau has vendors strategically standing near the entrance gates to rent these for you. For me, this is always my first stop once entering the stadium.



3. Pac ‘n Cheese

Over the course of my life I have had all of the over priced stadium food that you can imagine. I personally do not eat beef or pork and haven’t for over 15 years. I also know that greasy food tends to make me sick and wouldn’t be the best choice in the long run. Which leaves me with very little options left. A few years ago I walked into the Oneida Nation Gate (my usual gate) and it was like Heaven opened on this cart that was smack dab in the middle. I even heard Angels singing as I walked closer. The cart was called Pac ‘n Cheese and it was entirely dedicated to mac & cheese. For those of you that don’t know, Mac & Cheese is my ultimate guilty pleasure food.

My mom and I actually have a funny story about this Pac ‘n Cheese cart from a few years ago. We had separated after security and were supposed to meet at our seats. While I was busy hearing the Angels she was trying to take a picture of the cart for me, as she knew I would just love it! She went to ask the people to get out of her shot, which included me! When we realized and I broke out of my trance we started laughing as we ordered (my now usual) Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese.






Have you been to a game before? What are your stadium essentials?

Have a great week!


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