The Cannery



My Mamaw raised her family in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Every year, my Mom and I try to go to Titletown for at least one Green Bay Packer home game.  Every time it’s a bit of a travel down memory lane for my Mom. I hear lots of stories and get to experience the changes right along side her. Last year while we were in Green Bay for our yearly game, my Mom mentioned Larson’s Cannery and how my Mamaw used to stop there for dented canned goods at an amazing discount when money was tightWe thought that it would be fun to stop for old times’ sake, after some checking we found out that Larson’s Canning had closed.  This year when we were in Green Bay for our annual Packer game, I decided to consult with Google, I am so glad that I did, as I was able to find a new family favorite and I can’t wait to go back!


Sweater: Similar/Pants/Shoes/Purse/Earrings

Larson’s Cannery has been turned into a popular hot spot worthy of it’s name right on the river. The Cannery has several different aspects, featuring a  farm-to-table restaurant, deli, market, roof top bar, brewery, event space, Buttercup the cow and a couple more sports bars. We went there for dinner and ended up having a wonderful time!




Upon entering the building we ran into Buttercup the cow, so of course I had to have my picture taken with her! We had a bit of a wait for a table so we spent our time wandering the market and sampling lots of cheeses, as well as samples of other little tid-bits that they offer!  I just fell in love with this little market, if I didn’t have a long drive I would have bought half the store! There was a University of Wisconsin game going on that night so the bar was packed.






My Mom and I tend to split meals a lot, so what you see on my plate is actually 1/2 the portion! We ordered the grilled chicken trio which came with three dipping sauces and a side of the mushroom risotto. The food was perfect and more than enough as I had enough for lunch the next day as well.





After dinner we continued to explore The Cannery. While waiting for the elevator to check out the roof top bar we came across these advertisements giving homage to the Cannery that came before. I thought this was a beautiful tribute to this never ending place. There was a wedding going on in the event space plus the crowd from the bars so this elevator was extremely busy.  Before and during the elevator ride, we were also having fun reading the roof top rules as well.





The roof was gorgeous and gave us a wonderful view of Downtown Green Bay which is right across the river!


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