My Go-To Cheese Plate


I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like. I actually love shopping for cheese and trying new kinds that I have never heard of before. One of my favorite reasons to do this is for a cheese plate. 

There are many different reasons to have a cheese plate, personally its my go to for a meal, snack and dessert. The most popular reason is when you have company coming over and need something to serve them that’s fast, easy and on hand. Cheese. Wine. Crackers. Voila! Most ingredients you probably have on hand in your fridge. If not it only takes a quick trip to the store. My favorite place to shop for cheese is Trader Joe’s. They have a very wide variety and usually extremely affordable! If your a bit lost when it comes to shopping for cheese I would stick with just three cheeses of different kinds for variety. 







The first you want something soft, it would look like it’s melting in the package and extremely easy to pick out. The second cheese I would pick is a hard cheese, something that you can’t press your finger into to make a dent. For the last choice I would pick a medium cheese, something in between the hard and the soft one. This one I could press my finger into but it wouldn’t last. And if all else fails, go with something from France!




My mom gave me this cheeseboard for Christmas and I just adore it! She knew it was just totally me! It came with four cheese markers, two knives and the porcelain cheese plate. The markers are easy to use all you need is a dry erase marker and you can write down the names of the cheeses from the packages before you open them. When you are ready for clean up all you need is soap and water and your markers are ready to use again! Here are some of my favorite cheese plate sets: 1/2/3/4






Putting together a cheese plate is easy, I just go through my cupboards for any crackers that I have on hand as well as fruit; like grapes! I’m not an expert on wine pairings, but I know what I like and that happens to be what I serve. I focus more on what I prefer as well as have on hand and hope that my guests feel the same. After all, I will have the leftovers! This Pinot Noir is from a local winery and happens to be one of my favorites!



What do you like to add to your cheese plate? Have a great week y’all!


This post was not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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