A Night in Disney Springs


The most exciting change on Disney property right now is Disney Springs. Disney has magically transformed Downtown Disney into a Floridian Disney Springs with brand new restaurants, high end shopping and a new obsession for Sprinkles Cupcakes! I managed to spend an evening in Disney Springs with a very busy itinerary and I’m sharing all the details.






I didn’t know it was possible to make a parking garage look amazing but of course Disney pulled it off. Parking is free in the Orange and Lime garages and what is really unique is that as you enter the garage there are signs above each and every row letting you know how many empty parking spots are in each one. How amazing is that?!?! It saves a bunch of time! Not to mention every spot is extra large with higher ceilings which is great for even the biggest of SUVs. Everything in these garages are just so shiny and pretty! After finding a spot within seconds of entering the garage which was fantastic after driving for 3 hours. While I was on the escalator in the lime parking garage I managed to freshen my hair and makeup. It’s amazing what this girl can do with only a phone as a mirror.


As I crossed the bridge into the Landing I took it all in, I was finally home again. I actually have a picture of me on that bridge as that is when my body and mind melted and my outlook on life changed from hectic and hurrying through traffic to being home. The feeling of security, wonder and imagination hit me. My first stop? Dinner at the Boathouse! This nautical themed restaurant was beautifully made inside and out. Having reservations made it so that I walked right in and didn’t have to wait for a table. I started with the pimento cheese spread that came with pickled vegetables and tortilla chips which was perfect! For dinner I ordered the grilled Mahi-Mahi tacos and a glass of Moscato.


I found Kate Spade on the map!



Trying to figure out which new shops I want to do next!

After dinner became my favorite part of the evening, I had Starbucks and was dancing my way to my favorite stores. I started in the Marketplace at the Christmas Store went across to Chef Mickey’s Kitchen Store and cleared the Marketplace with a stop at Happy Hound for a few things for my fur babies.




Found this on the floor of Kate Spade!

Town Center (the newest part) was the main attraction as I had one goal in mind… Kate Spade. Before I got to Kate Spade I stopped in Amorette’s Patisserie for a few macaroons and window shopped along the rows of beautiful stores until I reached the mecca. The ladies working were super sweet as they were pulling out new releases for me to see as I shopped. I ended up purchasing a new pink Stacy wallet and a gorgeous pair of earrings that are perfect for Spring!




My evening ended standing in line at Sprinkles. Of course I heard nothing but wonderful things about these cupcakes and couldn’t wait to try them. Plus who wouldn’t want to check out a bright pink cupcake ATM?!? I ended up getting Chocolate, Coconut, Red Velvet and Strawberry. I am normally a Red Velvet girl but my favorites happened to be the Strawberry and Coconut! I definitely recommend them! They are totally worth it! It’s a really good thing that I don’t live near one as I would have gone on a couple of cupcake runs.






As I walked back to my car with my hands filled with cupcakes I looked back on my home that I was leaving after only having a few hours on property. Saying goodbye was bittersweet but it filled me with wonder and imagination. I loved that sense of security I had just standing there. Until next year Disney!

Have y’all checked out Disney Springs yet? What is your favorite new addition?




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