Monogram Essentials

My inner Southern Belle loves anything with a monogram! I am of the mind that everything is better with my initials on it, and I tend to buy if the item has my monogram and extra bonus if it comes in pink! This week I am sharing with you some of my favorite monogram essentials.

Life is so much sweeter with your initials on your pillow. Being a quilter I have a lovely sewing machine that happens to let me monogram things like my pillowcases. For those not sewing inclined, you can purchase sheets, pillow cases, towels online where they will monogram them for you like the ones that I did myself. If you want to add your monogram to sheets you already own I recommend searching for an embroidery shop near you, it’s a small job for them but very easy to do! If they cannot sew the monogram, they might know of someone who can.

This St. Anne tote is my everything bag. I have used if as a computer bag, beach bag, travel bag, purse and I’ve even put Tucker in it! The best part about this bag, other than its size; is that it comes with my monogram! Barrington Gifts allows you to pick out everything from fabric to leather trim and then it’s custom made before being delivered to your door! I got this tote last summer and haven’t been able to get enough of it.

My jewelry go-to is always one of my monogram necklaces. The small gold monogram I purchased from a Groupon a few years back and I love how subtle it is. But the white acrylic is one that I bought from Baublebar and I’m obsessed with it! I’ve worn it all year round! You can pick up your own here and they come in a bunch of different colors. (Mine is Snow!) This will be my next one and I’m leaning towards turquoise. These darling monogram necklaces also make great gifts!

What are your favorite monogram essentials?


*This post is not sponsored, just products from brands that I love.




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