Relaxing Girls Day

Everyone needs a day to relax every once in a while. Saturday happened to be one of mine as well as a much needed reunion with my Mom and Mamaw after my Mamaw had been gone for 6 weeks in Florida!

We started our girls day at Body Wisdom (in Dexter, Michigan) getting massages. How else do you relax!? I just love this place, you take your shoes off upon entering and just get a sense of calm and peace. I have been coming here for almost a year now and have been in almost every room. My favorite is the beach one but this time I was in the purple room. My massage was amazing and I am still in a zen state of mind today.

After the three of us united over cucumber water and essential oils near the checkout surprising our masseuses with our three generations of fun and laughter we discussed our lunch plans. My Mom’s new favorite restaurant is Seva. It’s a vegetarian restaurant on the west side of Ann Arbor and it’s really yummy! We split a round of Gouda Tots to start and let the girl talk begin. It was no surprise that we all ordered the Goat Cheese Ravioli as the three of us are incredibly alike. My Great Great Aunt Sylvia dubbed us Three Bodies One Heart. You can separate us, ask us the same questions and you will get the same answers. Needless to say my Mom and my Mamaw are my best friends!

After lunch we went down the street to Quality-16, my closest movie theater. I can’t believe I managed to wait a week to see the new Beauty and the Beast but it was totally worth it!! The movie was AMAZING! It was a perfect blend of the original movie, original story and the Broadway musical. Not to mention the fact that it added a ton more information! I absolutely loved it!

How do you spend a relaxing girls day??




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