Diagon Alley

I stepped off the train at Kings Cross Station amazed at how it resembled the station in the movies. Personally I have never been to London so this was the closest I could get returning from Hogwarts.

When I got out of the station it felt like a completely different world. Diagon Alley is hidden so I didn’t see it at first, it looked like normal downtown buildings. I knew something was up when I noticed people entering one of the buildings complete in their wizard robes. As I was following them I turned a corner and there it was, the bricks were opened as I stepped back into the wizarding world.

My first stop was the Leaky Cauldron (that’s in London!) for lunch. They definitely have that place down to a science. There is one entrance, you place your order and then you are escorted to your table. Shortly your food will arrive at your table. My family and I had the Chicken Sandwich and the Fish & Chips. My favorite happened to be the Gilly Water, at least the packaging was. #graphicdesignerproblems






The longest wait that I experienced that day was for the Escape from Gringott’s ride. I thought that the Hogwarts ride was amazing… until I rode this one. Gringott’s is by far the best ride that I have ever been on in ANY park! It’s my number one recommendation! The que takes you in and around the bank itself, complete with Goblins and ends up in the back rooms where you even get your picture taken. After being sorted you go into elevators where you meet up with Bill Weasley who escorts you through the rest of the ride. I will warn you this que has a lot of stairs! Not only to get into the ride but to exit as well. But the ride itself was a journey that mixed 3D with roller coaster and included appearances by Harry, Hermione, Ron, Bellatrix and Voldemort!



The rest of my time in Diagon Alley was wandering through all of the stores and exploring Knockturn Alley! I do have to mention the bathrooms, they were just so funny and looked just like the entrances to the Ministry of Magic!



Have you been to the Wizarding World? What’s your favorite part?



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