This past January, I was fortunate to get to spend a couple of hours in Aruba.  Spending time in gorgeous Aruba has definitely been on my list of places to see in the Caribbean.

I started off my stay in Aruba by walking from the port to the nearest Starbucks! #nointernetproblems. The Starbucks was located in a gorgeous high end mall with a Kate Spade for me to shop at!  I wasn’t there long but it was nice to stop and take a breath with my favorite coffee drink.

After leaving the mall I started wandering through the brightly colored shops making a stop at a local grocery store! I always like to see where the locals go, and the differences in what each of the grocery stores offers is pretty cool and one of my favorites! I was happy to see that they had Jiffy Mix (made here in Chelsea, Michigan). Also I knew I could stay in Aruba for a while once I saw the Kraft Mac N Cheese, #guiltypleasure.

Along my path I found a free local trolley that goes around the downtown district/area. At first I chose to sit on top so that I could see everything; however, it started to rain halfway through and at one of the stops I made sure to go below where I would be protected. The trolley was a great way to see the city without going into shops or walking about. I could get off anytime I wanted and I knew that it would be coming back around again. It was also a fun way to people watch, especially this local woman who came up to the driver at every stop to make sure he was going to take her where she wanted to go and was getting frustrated that he was making unnecessary stops in her path. Turns out she was headed to the grocery store that I ran across earlier in the day.



The trolley ended conveniently at the port to get back to my cruise ship, but there was one more little market that I had not seen yet. It was a cluster of huts/local artists and venders selling souvenirs. If you’ve ever been in the Caribbean you know which ones I’m talking about as they all start to look the same but with different names on them. However once in a great while you will find a hidden gem like this shack. Nestled in between all the others was one lady that happened to be sitting there painting the ornaments and pictures in front of her hut. I love people like this and supporting the locals when they are making their product local. I bought an ornament from her and love knowing that she was hand painting them right in front of me!

My time in Aruba was short but it is definitely an island I would love to explore further. Have you been to Aruba? Any recommendations for my next visit?



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