Amber Cove

When I signed up for my latest cruise I was beyond excited to be going to Amber Cove! Amber Cove is a new Port of Call, and I had heard that it was a lot like my favorite Half Moon Cay!  Amber Cove turned out to be a giant pool party with shopping!




Amber Cove is located along the coast of the Dominican Republic and is best known for being one of the locations where Jurassic Park was filmed!  To be honest, I didn’t leave the port as I was needing a pool/beach day!

As I got off the ship I quickly realized that it was a beautiful port full of the usual tourist stores, a bit of local art, a place where you can get your passport stamped and of course a coffee shop! I continued walking past the shops, and as I turned the corner, it opened up into this very large and wonderful pool with several bridges and winding beach entries into the giant pool party. Complete with pool side waiters!

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t explore farther than that as I had made myself at home lounging in one of the beach entries into the pool while sipping a pina colada. It was a picture perfect day in the Caribbean!

Have you been to Amber Cove? What did you like to do at the port?




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