Peace River Wildlife Center


Nestled in the canals of Punta Gorda, Florida is a lovely bird sanctuary called Peace River Wildlife Center. It’s star albino owl, Luna is a perfect mascot for what this place is all about.

Luna is an albino barn owl, making him impossible to hide in his surroundings. He’s a tiny little guy with an eye on everything! Luna makes frequent school visits to help spread awareness as well as educate the community.

This animal rehab center is a perfect escape for a few hours. It’s amazing to see how the patients overcome obstacles on the path to healing. It’s filled with all sorts of birds from cardinals to eagles! Some are able to wander the grounds where as others (such as the Eagles) sat in the cages perched and judging the world. Seriously, if you’ve never been around an Eagle before they just elude sophistication and seem to be judging you. It’s like they know they are the mascot of the free world. 

My favorite part was the pelican playground. It seemed like one large pool party and just looked like they were having so much fun! It was a joy to see these birds playing in the water or even basking in the sun.

Have you been to an animal sanctuary? I definitely recommend finding one closest to you for a quick adventure!





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