A Weekend in Paducah

If you’re following me on any of my social media you know that I went on a road trip this weekend with my Mom and Mamaw to Paducah, Kentucky! Paducah is best known for being the quilting capital for quilters all over the United States. The trip was filled with laughter, shopping, sightseeing and some more shopping!


Our first stop was Hancock’s of Paducah which was only one light away from our hotel. Hancock’s was AMAZING! There is definitely more than meets the eye as it appears to be a warehouse. However it is a magical building with never ending rows of fabric organized by manufacturer and collection all from $4.99 to $10.99 per yard! For those new to the quilting world, most quilt stores sell fabric for around $12/yard so finding fabric from my wish list for only $4.99 was shocking, amazing and I pretty much just handed them my wallet. Make sure to check out the back of the building which opens up to a larger warehouse filled with kits and pre-cut fabric such as layer cakes, jelly rolls and the 5 inch charm packs! You can shop online here.

Tired, cold, exhausted and starving the three of us ventured into the pouring rain on Friday night to find nourishment. We ended up trying the Italian Grill on Broadway which is downtown Paducah amidst all of the old buildings and shops. Italian is my favorite food, I LOVE pasta and it’s always my go-to! I had a build your own pasta with their homemade noodles. I chose the Rose Alfredo sauce and added broccolini, mushrooms, garlic and spinach. It was very lovely, especially if you are a pasta lover like me!

Espresso to keep me warm. Also I got caught in the rain with no umbrella so I decided to rock a towel to dinner.


Saturday morning started early with hotel waffles, more laughter and another trip to Hancock’s as soon as they opened! Eventually the three of us ventured to see, Jane Sassaman’s exhibit at the National Quilt Museum. (the reason for our trip), My Mamaw’s favorite fabric/pattern designer is Jane Sassaman and she planned this trip around visiting her quilts that the museum had on display. You can check out more of her work here.

My Mamaw surrounded by Jane Sassaman’s Quilts!

Loved this guy in the museum, but he’s not by Jane Sassaman!

This is made out of wood!!!

After making a trip to Eleanor Burn’s Quilt in a Day store we headed to lunch. We chose to go to Artisan Kitchen and let me tell you I LOVED it! I would spend every meal of my trip here if I could! My Mamaw even asked what time they closed as she was wanting to come back for dinner. (They close at 2:00pm on Saturdays by the way.) The ingredients were fresh, the menu inventive, the staff was lovely and the food was delicious! I ordered the portobello brie sandwich with tortellini salad. My Mamaw ordered the turkey cranberry sandwich with a side of fresh fruit and my Mom ordered the fried green tomato sandwich with fresh fruit. After we finished eating our lunch we were told we could venture through the doorway into the bakery for dessert… GO GET THE DESSERT!!! I ended up with a chess bar, derby bar and chocolate cookie to go. At the last minute I chose to try a slice of the chocolate covered strawberry cake to go back to my table with. It was totally worth it! I’m not a big cake fan but this one was one that I will dream about later.


Much needed sustenance after a long day of exploring and shopping.

The rest of our trip we spent exploring the city. Paducah is located along the Ohio River and has all of these old river walls built around the city (which are also flood walls). Part of these walls have been painted with murals of the city’s history. It’s also a great place to take pictures. The three of us had an amazing weekend and plan to make this a yearly adventure. Can’t wait to see you again Paducah!

All of the fabric that I bought plus some of my quilts mixed in as I brought them to pick out backings!

Have you been to Paducah? Any tips for next year?




2 thoughts on “A Weekend in Paducah

  1. Ree Gee says:

    I always enjoy going to Hancocks and the quilt museum when I am in Paducah. I love all the quilts and am curious how you were able to photograph them. Every time I have been there photos were not allowed in the gallery or of that wooden quilt. Has that changed because I have some favorites. Try Flamingo Row next time for good eats.


    • katiekdesigns says:

      Hi Ree!

      Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll be sure to try the Flamingo Row next year!

      I wasn’t aware of the no pictures until after I had taken them. I was going through my pictures and realized there was a sign next to the wooden one in one of the pictures. By then I had already been through the museum.


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