Summer Coffee Date Outfit

I am always up for a coffee date! Actually I am always up for a reason to drink coffee! I am sharing with you the details of the perfect summer coffee date outfit.

Off the shoulder tops are so fashionable right now, and I just love the breezy romantic vibe that they give off. They just seem to go with everything! This one I got from Nordstrom on sale! It’s less than $25 which is perfect when you’re on a budget. The shirt is made with a lightweight material making it perfect to withstand that heat. Black is my go to color as it always looks great and goes with everything but It also comes in a couple of different colors!

Let’s talk jeans. I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent in dressing rooms looking for the perfect pair of jeans, only to leave miserable and feeling down about myself. I got this pair of SKINNY JEANS in a stitch Fix box a couple months ago and they completely blew me away! I had looked at them and thought “yeah, right! Those will never fit me!” Imagine my shock when they fit perfectly! Leave it to stitch Fix to save me hours of humiliation and frustration in a single box. I hadn’t even asked for jeans! My faith was reassured once again in Stitch Fix! You can try it out here, and if you are wanting a jeans box just put it in the note to your stylist! These are KUT Skinny Toothpick.

How adorable is this clutch?!? I find the cutest things on etsy, and I love the fact that it’s supporting someone! This particular Coffee First clutch is from Glitter & Bow who is also a blogger located in Nashville! You can check out her blog here.

My jewelry I kept a bit simple this time around. My earrings and bracelet are from Baublebar. This bracelet just goes with anything! Not to mention this girl loves her sparkle! My earrings come in a couple different similar styles and colors, but what I love most about Baublebar is the free shipping and rewards!

Hope y’all have a great week! Remember to have a coffee break once in a while!



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