Clam Shell Purse & Starfish Wishes

It’s no secret that I am a Mermaid at heart stuck on land. Because of my love of the water and all the creatures in it I love being able to incorporate aspects of the ocean into my wardrobe on a regular basis.


Let’s talk about one of my favorite colorful brands, Lilly Pulitzer! Every time I see their website or store it brings a big smile to my face. It is such a fun, colorful brand that helps bring the ocean onto land. Not only do they have fun clothes but their accessories are high quality and GORGEOUS! Like this starfish choker! The starfish has a bit of bling in it and the choker part isn’t too tight. I’m actually not a fan of chokers but this one has parts in it that bend so if fits more along your neckline and isn’t choking you like most choker necklaces. Another reason I love this starfish necklace? It’s gold and subtle enough to wear all year round with anything!

Summer is full of straw purses and summer dresses. I was on the hunt all spring for the perfect straw purse for my summer fun. There are a bunch of different styles and shapes out there but I wanted something a bit more whimsical and me. When I came across this clam shell purse I just knew it was perfect for this coffee loving mermaid! The body of the purse is really durable and there is just enough room for all of my necessities! (iphone 6 plus, lipstick, small wallet, keys and thieves sanitizing spray) The purse is under $35 and is on Amazon perfect for 2 day shipping! It’s a perfect summer splurge!

Any other mermaids out there? How do you incorporate your love for the ocean in your wardrobe?





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