Black, White & Sea Glass

I’m holding onto this summer weather and sunshine as long as possible. Even though the world around me is talking about pumpkins, fall and football. Not ready for that! This week I am sharing some of my closet staples as well as a wonderful sea glass necklace!

Monogram Necklace/Shoes/Earrings

My number one closet staple are simple shirts like this black one that I’m wearing. I got this one a Kohl’s for a very reasonable price, so reasonable I also stocked up in all of the colors! This simple black tee is perfect for dressing up or down and goes great with any amount of jewelry. It makes getting dressed a bit fun and versatile.

I have been so nervous about wearing white pants that I never really tried it until this summer. I am a klutz and my truck is full of coffee stains so my worries are valid. This summer I decided to give it a try and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve had these white pants on repeat this summer and they dress everything up! There loose, very comfy and I haven’t had an issue yet. If you are nervous about going white with pants for the same reason, I definitely recommend trying it. After all, it doesn’t hurt to try something and step out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

I found the cutest little Etsy shop about a year ago, Sea Milligan Designs. Catherine lives in Florida near a beach and does remarkable water color paintings as well as makes gorgeous sea glass jewelry! That’s where I got this necklace. Her pieces are one of a kind and completely hand made. If you follow her on Instagram sometimes she even makes them on the beach! The beads are made of glass, the sea glass is from Florida and the tassel was not only handmade but she dip dyed it in pink! We all know how much I love a good pink accent!

Hope you have a fabulous week filled with sunshine and warm summer weather!


One thought on “Black, White & Sea Glass

  1. LexiLulu says:

    The easiest colors to match are black and white, and these hues are always appropriate for any occasion. I like this V-neck black shirt, it can create a beautiful neckline.


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