My Guide to Buying a Leather Jacket

I absolutely adore leather jackets! For me leather jackets are so versatile that they go with anything and everything and you can usually rock one in every season. But let’s face it, a really great leather jacket can be really expensive! It took me months to finally break down and buy mine and this week I am sharing my guide for making that investment.

Here is where I got my polka dot dress!

Buying a leather jacket is more like an investment for me. Leather jackets tend to get passed around in my family over time and I even have a brown leather bomber coat that is actually older than me and is still very stylish and fun to wear! I bought this jacket that I’m wearing last summer, but a lot of planning went into that purchase. For months I had shopped around online, looking at different styles, prices and tried to figure out what would be best for me. After seeing hundreds of leather coats I started creating a list of things that I wanted in mine, a moto type collar, a hint of quilted texture, no “flaps”, no high collars, and a sleek fit. That’s my biggest suggestion, create a list of all the things that you like and want in a jacket. Eventually you will find one that not only meets your list but that you will fall in love with. After all, if you’re not in love with something then you shouldn’t buy it. I finally found mine online at Nordstrom and stalked it for a couple months until I noticed that it went on sale during their yearly anniversary sale in July. I believe I bought mine one of the last days of the sale as I couldn’t stop thinking about it.


I’ve gathered some of my favorite jackets, all a bit different showing the bits and pieces that I ended up using for my list as well as some great options if you are in the market for a jacket yourself. The first jacket (#1) is the most like mine, more sleek, fit shoulders and a moto type neckline. The second jacket (#2) has more of a traditional collar with an offline zipper. Personally I prefer my zipper in the middle and i’m not a fan of the collar. The third jacket (#3) shows the more quilted texture that I was talking about. That was a bit too much of it for me, but I definitely like hints of it! The fourth jacket (#4) reminded me of Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time! For that reason I loved it! It was definitely a close runner up, but the price played into factor as this one is the most expensive. #girlonabudget. The fifth jacket (#5) is probably the definition of moto jacket. For me it was a bit too sporty for myself. I wanted something a bit more feminine. The sixth jacket (#6) would definitely be my next choice! Especially with that peplum bottom! It’s very similar to mine and had I found it a year ago it might have been my choice!

I couldn’t be happier with my choice! I remember being so nervous that the jacket wasn’t going to fit as I waited for it to arrive. I became so giddy that not only did it fit like a glove, but it was so beautiful that I hung it up like artwork in my room until the temperatures went down so I could wear it! Fall is when I wear it the most, and I’ve already broken it out again this year for the season. Since I could practically live in summer dresses I love that just adding my leather jacket to them helps bring their shelf life into the cooler temps. Sundress + Leather Jacket + Booties + PSL = Fall Style


Anyone else go through this much planning before they make a big purchase!??! Have a wonderful Fall week y’all!

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