Traveling Vegetarian: Buttermilk Kitchen

I woke up my first morning in Atlanta ready for adventure! Having done quite a bit of research before my trip I knew that my first meal was going to be brunch at Buttermilk Kitchen after attending Buckhead Church. (Service was FANTASTIC!) I knew I made the right choice when I could barely find parking, I pulled into their very small and tight spaced secondary lot and ended up getting out of my car to help someone who was trying to back out and leave. Perfect for my truck!

As I walked up to the building there were people everywhere waiting for a table and the really cool thing was that they had coffee on the porch for everyone that was waiting! I thought that was such a sweet offering and knew immediately I was in the South. No one does hospitality like Southerners! Since I was solo on this trip I ate at the bar, it ended up being faster, easier and there was no wait. I’ve eaten at bars plenty of time when it’s just me and I think it’s the perfect way to experience a restaurant without having to make a reservation or wait an hour for a table.

As I took my seat (it was the only one open at the bar) I was immediately greeted with a cup of coffee. My kind of service! For those non dairy drinkers like me they had almond milk that I used in my coffee. What’s even better is that they kept the coffee flowing and even gave me a to-go cup for it when I left! I ordered off their specials, the Lemon Poppy Seed French Toast. Oh my goodness it was so good, almost like a flavor explosion! Only one problem, it was crazy sweet! It’s literally lemon poppy seed bread treated like french toast and then has a jelly syrup on top. Personally, I can’t handle that much sugar in the morning. I’m actually not quite sure what I was thinking, but I immediately ordered their Pimento Cheese Grits after my first bite to help cut the sweetness. I honestly would have been perfect with just the grits, as they were the best grits I have had in my entire life! I would go back for these grits!

The service was wonderful and attentive, could be because I was right in front of them at the coffee station at the bar. The feel is that of a charming rustic kitchen with plenty of textures and warmth. Another fun thing was that while I was waiting for my food I looked up and there was a picture of Tom Hanks! Apparently he had visited, went in the kitchen and even wrote a review! How cool is that!?!?!

If you’re in the Atlanta area I definitely recommend Buttermilk Kitchen, and make sure you try their amazing Pimento Cheese Grits!

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!

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