My 3 Favorite Stitch Fix Tops

It is no secret that I am in love with Stitch Fix, it’s a fantastic service for my busy schedule and it helps push me out of my fashion comfort zone. I have been using Stitch Fix for over a year now and I have rounded up my 3 favorite tops to share with all of you.


1. Swan Top

I didn’t realize how much swans would make me smile until I pulled this one out of my Stitch Fix box one day. There is just something about the royal blue with the swans that I just can’t help but love. This top is a bit sheer, so I always wear my black camisole underneath it, it is also a bit shorter on the sides and I’m not comfortable showing skin there so the camisole solves all of my insecurities. I just love the sleeve detail! I’ve never had a top that has the sleeves rolled up and I just think that it’s the perfect touch to this adorable top. I am a HUGE Once Upon A Time fan and this top let’s me channel my inner Emma Swan! #LoveHer


2. Navy/White Dot Top

I am definitely not afraid of patterns, especially when it comes to a play on polka dots. What makes this top even better is the fact that it’s in two of my favorite colors! This top goes easily with all four seasons, which we get here in Michigan. Yes, part of it is white. But I have no issues wearing this after labor day, I would just add a sweater! It is light weight but also perfect for layering. I also just love the little playful v-neck.


3. White Polka Dot Sweater

Y’all know I love polka dots! This was my first version with the white background though and I simply adore it. I thought that this sweater wold look horrible on me when I pulled it out of the box, especially since white/cream isn’t the most flattering color. I was totally wrong! This sweater is so slimming that it has become my go-to once the weather turns cooler. Another personal preference are the sleeves, I actually love longer sleeves that go over my hands a bit. I’m not sure if it’s a comfort thing or what; I just know that my Mom can’t stand longer sleeves and would have them hemmed in a heartbeat! The inside is the opposite color pattern which just adds a whimsical touch that can’t help but make you smile.

Have you thought of trying Stitch Fix? I definitely think that it’s worth trying at least once! Take your time signing up as the more you tell your stylist the more they will be able to find pieces that you love! Don’t be discouraged if you only find one winner in your box either, that’s happened to me plenty of times and it’s still worth it! Plus I love the luxury of trying everything on in my own home with the rest of my wardrobe.

Have a fantastic week y’all! I’ll be celebrating my Birthday week so make sure to treat yourself to some cake in honor of me! πŸ˜‰

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