Traveling Vegetarian: Ponce City Market

My last day in Atlanta was spent battling traffic for a favor for my Dad. Remember that bridge collapse of I-80? My trip down there was right after that happened and all traffic was re-routed and majorly backed up. After having a bit of a stressful morning an old friend recommended that I head to Ponce City Market for the day.

Outdoor Seating among the shopping and restaurants.

Coffee was #1 on my list of course!

This was my favorite store!!! Others include Alex & Ani, JCrew, William Sonoma, Anthropology and so many more!

Bike Parking!

Farmer’s Market along the BeltLine

Gorgeous Views of the City!


I believe that those are the apartments.

This is in the center of the food hall. There are restaurants to the right and left. The entire length of the building!

My first stop!!!

Black Pepper Creamy Sauce with homemade Pasta!!! So good!

I was staying in an Airbnb close to mid town so the Ponce City Market (PCM) was not far of a drive for me. I am so glad that it was recommended as I ended up enjoying every bit of it’s slower pace creative environment. PCM was the old Sears shipping building that even had train tracks leading up to it on it’s upper level. It has been completely renovated to feature shops, restaurants, apartments, access to the belt line as well as a carnival on it’s roof!

My first stop? Coffee of course! After the day I had I knew that I cup of coffee and shopping would help soothe this girls soul. Especially since I would be driving back home to Michigan the next morning. I can’t tell you how relaxing it was to just simply browse through shops, before I knew it the entire afternoon had flown by! I even had a lovely chat on the phone with my Mamaw in a rocking chair in the sun. I even found a farmer’s market that they have that is on the second level but also goes along the belt line. (The belt line in Atlanta is like a giant walking/biking path that goes all the way around the city.)

Dinner left me with lots of choices, but I followed the recommendation from one of the stores and chose Bellina – Italian! We all know I am an Italian girl! The restaurants are a bit smaller in size because there are so many of them in one building, but it was packed with charm and flavor. I had the black pepper pasta complete with homemade noodles. I honestly could have just eaten those noodles plain, they were so good! The sauce was lovely and the service was even better!

If you are in the Atlanta area and are in need of a bit of retail therapy complete with awesome choices to eat I definitely recommend checking out Ponce City Market. I know, I would love to go back!

Have a fantastic weekend y’all! I am spending my Birthday (tomorrow) with family this weekend.

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