Halloween Wish List with RoseGal

Halloween is just around the corner and although I am not the biggest Halloween fan I do enjoy wearing a top, dress or even a sweater in the spirit of the season during that festive week. I ran across RoseGal’s website and I just had to share these amazing finds with y’all!


Let’s talk shirts! Some of these are a bit more subtle than others but I absolutely love the purple one (#4). It has the option of being a costume all on it’s own, that way if you’re not big into dressing up it allows you to give off that appearance all while looking witchy chic!


It’s cooler here on Halloween, sometimes it even snows! That’s one reason why I thought sweaters were a great option! My favorite is the grey one with skulls (#5), mainly because it’s sparkly! I LOVE things that sparkle! Another favorite of mine is the Frequent Flyer (#6) because it reminds me of Harry Potter. That’s my kind of fun, playful Halloween.


We all know that I am a dress girl! I would wear a dress for every occasion imaginable, Halloween is no different. The black with white crow top (#2) is my absolute favorite, it has a chic look all while looking super comfy and a bit laid back. Personally I spend Halloween handing out candy and watching movies so this dress is perfect for me. Another awesome mention is the Witch looking one (#5). All you need with that dress is a hat and you are ready to pull off your best Sanderson sister!

The best part about all of these options is that they are all on sale and so affordable! Happy Shopping Everyone! What are you planning to do for Halloween?


This post is sponsored by RoseGal. All opinions are my own.

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