Traveling Vegetarian: Plae Bistro

Last month my Mom and I made our annual trip to Green Bay to celebrate our Birthday’s cheering on our team. Being the planner that I am I had a list of restaurants that I wanted to try that I knew would have plenty of vegetarian options. It’s not always easy traveling as a vegetarian. Plae Bistro was on the top of the list, and boy it did not disappoint!

Plae Bistro was our first stop after driving for 8 hours and being filled up on caffeine! I just love how warm and welcoming it was with the fire places and the excellent service. For a Friday at 1:00pm it was packed! We even had to wait for a table, which is actually a great sign for a restaurant at lunch time during the week.

My Mom and and I ended up splitting the fig and pesto sandwich as well as a cobb salad. (What you see in the pictures is my 1/2 portion!) Both were absolutely perfect and filling for both of us! Actually we loved the figs so much that it has us inspired to start cooking with them more. The sandwich was delightful and could use just a bit more pesto and the salad needed nothing at all. I can’t wait to return on future trips!

Planning a trip to Green Bay? Let me know! I have tons of fun tips for you. Have a great weekend y’all!

*This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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