Ultimate 2017 Gift Guide

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know I had a beautiful day with my family. And lots of Mac N Cheese! πŸ˜‰ Now that Thanksgiving has past us by and Christmas is on the horizon the famous shopping weekend is upon us. It’s full of sales, surprises and opportunities to get a jump start on your Christmas list this year. That’s why I am sharing my ultimate gift list for 2017 this weekend.


I’ve separated the gift list into multiple categories to help give you ideas for those you are having a hard time shopping for. Let’s start with the Glam Girl, personally I love anything with sparkles and I love mixing things that you actually need with something a bit more frivolous. Which is why I absolutely LOVE these earrings (#2). They are from an Etsy store and y’all know I love supporting small businesses. Every year my family and I give each other slippers as it’s usually time for a new pair, which is why these cute Play Hooky (#3) ones made my list.


I had so much fun gathering the gift guide For the Hostess. Could just be my inner hostess talking? My first and foremost for the Hostess on your list is Courtney’s new book (#1)! I absolutely adore Pizzazerie and can’t wait to get my hands on her latest book. Not to mention I follow her on Instagram and always have to get my daily dose of “George Videos”, her Irish Setter with a big personality! Another more personal option is a little painting of your hosts Disney character (#7). This is also from an Etsy store and they’ve got plenty of characters to choose from. Some of the paintings are a bit small which would be perfect to add a bit of character to their home. πŸ˜‰


I’ve been referring to the gift guide for your Fur Baby as Tucker’s wish list. He had a big say in this list as I know that he would love everything on it. As much as I love the tee pee (#5) I just don’t think I can get him one as I would want to climb in it with him! But he might just wake up on Christmas morning with the Beauty and the Beast (#6) book under the tree!


Scarfs (#4) are ALWAYS a good idea especially for those that travel. I’m also a big fan of giving a travel coffee mug as you can never have too many. Kate Spade (#6) is a brand that really lasts and is far more durable. I actually got rid of all of my other mugs after I bought my first Kate Spade Travel Mug. They just couldn’t compete!


As soon as I laid eyes on the Stinky Cheese Man pin (#2) I couldn’t stop smiling! I remember reading that book all the time in elementary school and loved it! The character is just a bit iconic that I knew it had to be added to the list. A new wallet is always a great idea to get your guy as most get worn out by the end of the year and this lightning one (#4) was just so fun looking!


The final list is for the beauty lovers out there and on the top of my list is Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette (#1). I have followed the Triplets for quite some time now and was over the moon when they formed their cosmetic company. (Love those girls!) This palette is perfect for any beauty lover that secretly love Harry Potter, or not so secretly! Another perfect gift is Clinique. Always Clinique. This time of year they have gift sets (#4) and you can never go wrong with lipstick.

Happy Shopping Everyone! My family and I are going to be putting up Christmas decorations this weekend and there will be lots of Hallmark Christmas movies involved.

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