Traveling Vegetarian: Mama Lu’s

Let’s talk tacos! I had such a perfect afternoon at Mama Lu’s in Traverse City a few weeks ago. The weather was around 75 degrees and sunny making it perfect to stroll through downtown on my first and brief visit to the city. Eating outside, being comfortable, enjoying the sunshine… sounds like bliss! Not to mention how scrumptious those tacos were.

Although their menu is very small, it’s absolutely perfect! We started out with their chips and salsa and was greeted with some tangy flavors that was out of our norm but completely worth it. I of course had the vegetarian option with mushrooms, fried cheese and a pleasant surprise of dill! My Dad had the beef tacos, which is why I have a picture of them for you. Everything is served family style, which is perfect for my family and they definitely leave you wishing there was a location closer to your home. Still craving those tacos! #PleaseCometoAnnArbor

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend getting into the Christmas Spirit. I am hosting my annual Gingerbread House Competition tomorrow, can’t wait to share pictures with you.

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