Gingerbread House Competition 2017

Last weekend I hosted my annual Gingerbread House Competition, and boy was it the best one yet! I started this tradition a few years ago after a friend of mine that had hosted for a few years moved away. I just love the tradition and decided to keep it with my friends and family.


All of the Houses, ready for voting!


My House


My Mom’s House


Liz’s House


Susan’s House


My Mamaw’s House


Andrea’s House


Anne’s House – THE WINNER!!!

I decided to go light on the food this year, as we are usually to busy being into the “competition” of the party. I thought a Bruschetta bar would be fun and easy! Not to mention it cuts down on utensils. I personally made the Bruschetta, and Olive Tapenade. The Pimento Cheese was from Zingerman’s as they are the best! I made way to much food as usual, but I’ve had fun taking the leftovers this week for lunch. πŸ™‚ The hot chocolate bar returned and was a big hit as usual, if you want my Mamaw’s recipe it’s here.

I thought everyone did a fantastic job on their houses! They’ve got me wanting to step up my game for next year. I was sitting next to my friend Anne that night and was so amazed at the things she was pulling out of her bag, she definitely brought her A game, and I was so pleased that she was the one who won the Zingerman’s Gift Card!

Which house was your favorite? I am spending my weekend at Church volunteering for the Glory of Christmas and then finally attending the Glory of Christmas on Sunday Afternoon! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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