Navy Cape & Starfish Broach

It is absolutely dreadful outside. Last week I splurged for a pedicure and was singing sweet things to my flip flops I miss them so much. To help keep me light hearted in the winter I like to focus on fun pieces, like this cape!

This cape from Rosegal is so winter swoon worthy, it comes in a variety of colors but I chose to go with navy. It comes with a touch of bling pins and a chain not to mention a fur hood. I chose to splash things up a bit and added a bling-ed out starfish broach that I got from Dresslily! I just love the personal touch to it, nothing like representing my mermaid self in the winter. I have always loved capes and was so excited when mine finally came in its by far my favorite addition to my winter wardrobe so far this season.

Iโ€™ve worn this cape several times so far, I dressed it up for Christmas Eve and even ended up chatting with someone that had a matching starfish bracelet about it! I have also thrown this over jeans and a long sleeve tee to keep it casual, it works beautifully either way! Plus, itโ€™s always a bonus when something your wearing keeps you smiling all day!

Have a warm and beautiful week everyone!

This post is sponsored by Rosegal & Dresslily. All opinions are my own.

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