Traveling Vegetarian: Everest Sherpa

Let me start off by disclaiming that I have never had Indian food before. I was going to dinner with my friend Andrea and she was craving Indian, so I thought why not try something new!?! We went to Everest Sherpa in Ann Arbor and it was such a fun environment, not to mention had delicious food! But I totally made her order for me!

Andrea ending up ordering for us the vegetable steamed momo’s which were like little vegetable dumplings. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of these and they ended up being my favorite! Especially with the green sauce that was served with them. No clue what it was, but it was great! (Now I’m sounding like my Mamaw!) We tried both the SAAG Panner as well as the Vegetable Makhani and a side of Naan bread. I’ve had Naan bread before, it’s sort of like pita bread and was purely delightful.

The SAAG Panner was my favorite of the two main dishes. It’s sort of like creamed spinach with blocks of cheese in it. Spinach, cheese… of course I like it! The Vegetable Makhani had a lovely tomato and cashew sauce but I wish it I had different vegetables in it, we even started creating our own version by looking at the vegetables on other peoples plates! It was good, just not my favorite veggies.

A little about my friend Andrea that was with me, she’s a climber from Colorado whose next adventure is Mt. Rainier in Washington. So it was absolutely fitting that the entire theme of the restaurant was around climbing Mt. Everest. Complete with a Mountain Man in the foyer, gorgeous pictures and treasures from surrounding lands.

Unfortunately Everest Sherpa is next to my Pure Barre so I am sure I will be placing lots of to-go orders for the Vegetable momo’s! But if you’re in the mood for Indian in the Ann Arbor area I definitely recommend Everest. Don’t just take my word for it, Andrea (who has had lots of Indian food before) also said that it was good and so far the best she’s had in Ann Arbor.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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