Black Maxi Winter Challenge

As a dress girl there’s nothing I love more than a black maxi! I wear them on repeat in the summer as it’s just so classy and effortless. I’ve missed them like crazy these past few months, so I decided to challenge myself into figuring out a way to be able to wear it in the winter while still staying warm. The answer? I’ve gone Sporty Spice Katie.

Let’s start with the Aqua Jacket. I discovered this jacket at my work (Ink Frenzy) in a different color and knew immediately I had to have it! So, I had my boss order me one in Aqua and I added my block monogram to it in white! I love it! The jacket does run a bit big and I even went down a size, but it’s such a hit that even my Mamaw has one in white! If you want one feel free to email me for details! (

Now onto the main event, the black maxi dress from Dresslily. This dress is super soft and comfy, all the good makings of a go-to maxi. The length is perfect for my 5’6” frame with flats, so if you’re a bit shorter heads up on future hemming. The back is a lovely lace cross back that adds a bit of elegance to the dress, as well as the front draping. This affordable dress is so easy to dress up, down, or even rocking in flip flops on the way to the beach.

Because I wanted to make this dress Winter appropriate I also paired it with my Kate Spade Keds! Which also helps give it more of a sporty look. Y’all know I can’t have boring tennis shoes! 😉 I finished the look with an anchor necklace I got for Christmas and this Winter maxi dress was ready to go!

Stay warm this week! Now I challenge you, what Summer item would you like to Winterize?

This post is sponsored by Dresslily. All opinions are my own.

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