Green Accessories Wish List


St. Patrick’s Day isn’t my favorite holiday, in fact I usually just ignore it. Even after finding out that I have a trace of Irish in me I still wasn’t interested. However, after years of being pinched in school I have gotten used to mixing some green colors into my accessories which is why this weekend I am sharing a few of my favorite Green Accessories from Gamiss. Perfect for getting ahead for the 17th!

Purses are my biggest weakness, so it’s no surprise that two of them made the list! My favorite (#5) is this adorable polka dot lime clutch purse. What I love most about it? It will go great into Summer when I am sporting those brighter colors! It’s classy and sparkly without being to flashy and it’s the perfect accessory to not get pinched.

Scarves are perfect for transitioning seasons, especially if they’re lightweight as this (#6) one appears to be. Which is perfect for March as it’s a transition month, or at least a month where Mother Nature is bipolar if you live in Michigan. Plus I love the flowers! Totally gives off Spring vibes!

My last honorable mention is (#4) the green bracelet. It’s subtle, but totally chic at the same time. Wrap bracelets will go with anything and you can layer them with plenty of other colors making this a lovely option. I usually end up going with a jewelry option for St. Patrick’s Day so this one is right up my alley!

I’m so excited to be sharing my Easter dress with y’all next week. Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I couldn’t wait to start posting about it! Have a WARM and SUNNY weekend y’all!



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