Traveling Vegetarian: Center Street Grille

I had a recent girls day with Liz of With Wonder and Whimsy that was filled with photo shoots, shopping, lots of girl talk and lunch of course! I was in Liz’s neck of the woods and let her decide where we went in Downtown Northville. Liz took me to one of her favorites, Center Street Grille.

The Center Street Grille has a wonderful modern sports bar theme and was perfect for lunch on that snow filled day. There were quite a few options for this vegetarian and under Liz’s recommendation I chose the build your own Mac ‘n Cheese! Liz ordered my other choicee of the Portobello Fajitas and they looked AMAZING!

The Mac ‘n Cheese was wonderful! I chose to add in broccoli, spinach and mushrooms. It did not disappoint! I loved that it came in a little cast iron bowl complete with bread crumbs toasted on top. It was gooey, cheesy and crunchy. Everything a wonderful Mac ‘n Cheese should be! I can totally tell why this is one of Liz’s favorites!

If you’re in the Northville area, make sure to check out Center Street Grille! Have a fantastic weekend y’all!

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