Travel Accessories from SEmbroidered Boutique

I love to travel, and with several trips on my horizon this year I found myself needing some new travel accessories. I was searching Etsy for a jewelry case when I came across SEmbroidered Boutique, which is where I got my favorite monogram clutch! I was so excited I knew I had to order from them for my upcoming trips.

Not only are these two items monogramed, which is like gold in my book; but they are perfect for traveling! The first one is the train case which is perfect for holding my shampoo/conditioner and other shower needs. I love the little pockets at the top that I’ve put cotton pads and q-tips in. For some reason those are the two items I can never find a home for, and this case not only has a special place for it but it’s perfectly inclusive!

My favorite piece is the adorable jewelry case, complete with ruffles and lots of inner pockets. I have plenty of jewelry pieces that will tangle with other pieces so these pockets help make my journey not only easier but save me time in the long run. I’ve tried numerous jewelry travel methods over the years and this one I particularly like because I can see everything that I have with me which helps when I change my mind on a whim.

Although these two items don’t technically come together, because everything is customizable I was able to make them look like a set! SEmbroidered has several trim options for you to choose from as well as a whole list of thread colors for the embroidery. These would make perfect gifts, and they even have bridal party packages available on their Etsy shop.

Where are your adventures taking you this year?

This post is not sponsored, just sharing products that I love!

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