Curvy Guide to Lilly Pulitzer

I absolutely LOVE Lilly Pulitzer! I have bought several pieces over the years, just not clothing. If you saw last weeks post you’ll know that I have had some trouble figuring out which pieces to buy online since I don’t have a store near me to go and try things on. However when I found myself near a store I took the opportunity to go in and try a ton of different pieces to create a Curvy Guide for myself. I thought I would share my list just in case it helps anyone like me that is unsure of what to order from Lilly Pulitzer. Just a heads up, this post contains LOTS of mirror selfies with bright colors!

This store is my happy place. I would love for their designers to come in and design my house, it’s just so fun, bright and coastal classy. First let me start by saying that I wasn’t exactly brilliant when I went shopping as I was wearing a dress. So, you will see the Georgia May Palazzo pants throughout because of it. #LessonLearned For reference, I am a size 16 which means that sometimes I am an 18 and even 14. We all know brands run haywire sometimes, but I found that everything I have listed is true to size. I am wearing an XL in all listed below, so hopefully if you’re around the same size or a bit smaller this post will help you shop online easier. I know I have gone through a lot of buying and returning to finally have a list winners!

1. Martinique Top – Multi Catch the Wave – $128

If you caught my post last week you know that I just got a top with this print and I simply adore it. This top is just adorable! I loved the cuffed sleeves and button details. It’s soft and perfect for wearing all year round. I’m an hour glass figure and this one gives me no problems around my curves or bust, making it a perfect fit for the curvy girl.

  2. Evangelina Dress – Pink Sunset/Coco Breeze – $98

Oh my goodness I fell in love with this dress! It’s short and sassy and I can totally see it in my shopping cart the next time I order from Lilly, especially the one in blue! It seems perfect for summer or vacation and the ruffle detailing at the bottom just gives it that extra feminine touch. This dress is more loose fitting and definitely forgiving.

  3. Long Sleeve Amina Dress – Fantasy Garden – $108

This totally cute dress is nicely tapered in the front so as to allow extra room for curves especially compared to the legendary shift dress. It’s a bit short for me, but totally adorable!

 4. Natalie Coverup – Resort White – $118

Never in my wildest dreams would I have picked this coverup. I’m just not a button up kind of person, but I gotta admit that I fell in love with it. I wasn’t wearing anything that I could really try it on for you, but it was perfect! I wouldn’t just wear this one as a coverup but as a kimono layered on top of a tank and jeans for a more casual look. This was the only coverup from their swim line that I found was curvy acceptable.

 5. UPF 50+ Skipper Popover – Pink Sunset – $98

Not going to lie, this piece almost came home with me! I LOVED it! I actually do not own a pullover, but this sport pink little number was one of my favorites. It wasn’t too tight, it actually had plenty of room in it for me to be beyond comfortable. The palm stem zipper pull was just another magical touch that I fell in love with.

 6. Kapri Pieced Jacket – Bright Navy/Crash the Bash – $148

I’m a HUGE fan of full zips, I just love how versatile they can be. So it was only natural that this one instantly got added to my wish list. It just felt luxurious on, and I can’t say that about most clothing items. This one just felt worth the price to me. It had the same palm stem zipper detailing and I just adore the fact that the print is on the sides giving it more of a subtle play on a classic Lilly piece.

 7. Georgia May Palazzo Pants – Beckon Blue/Sparkling Grotto – $138

I have been wanting to get on the printed pant trend, and I think these pants definitely get me there! They were super comfy and I obviously did not want to take them off. I’m 5’6″ and they were a bit long on me so I would need to hem them which is not big deal for me, for others you may need a tailor. They are super soft and feel like you’re wearing pajamas. The waistband is stretchy so they are perfect for those with curvier hips like mine.

8. UPF 50+ Weekender Cropped – Beckon Blue/Jungle Utopia Small – $98

I was excited to try the Luxletic line as most of my workout wear contains darker shades and a whole lot of black. The pants were SUPER comfortable! I was a big fan and can’t wait until I wear out all of my current work out pants so that I can buy these. Right now my drawer is so full that I can’t really justify it yet. My thighs are a bit bigger so I normal stick to solid colors so as not to stretch out the print. This one doesn’t seem to be affected by stretching which makes them even more wonderful in my book.


Well my fellow Lilly lovers, I hope that some of you found this post useful! This list is perfect timing because Lilly Pulitzer is having one of those amazing gift with purchase towards the end of the month and I’ve already started planning my purchases. Have a bright and colorful week y’all! If you want to see more try on guides from stores let me know!

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