Traveling Vegetarian: The Standard in Ann Arbor

I have been anxiously waiting for the newest French inspired restaurant on my side of Ann Arbor to open, I’ll admit I was stalking their Facebook page for months. (#guilty) Of course once I heard word that the The Standard had opened I grabbed my Mamaw and took her to lunch as soon as I could.

Mamaw beat me there, and boy did I take my time walking into the restaurant. Mainly because I was taking pictures, but also because I was taking in all of the details. Everything was GORGEOUS! Mad props for their modern, cozy and upscale theme. The restaurant has a Southern feel outside with the wrap around porch and subtleness to it while inside it’s more monochromatic and refreshing. As I approached my Mamaw, who knew nothing about this restaurant; she just gave me a look and simply said “This place is exquisite”. That’s the best compliment I had ever heard about a place before she had even ordered food! Now to the food…

I chose to mix things up a bit. My Mamaw and I split the Glass Noodles & Sprouts salad to start. It was so refreshing with bites of lime and peanuts. Definitely a must! It was light and perfect to welcome us to The Standard. For my main I actually chose an appetizer, I warned you I mixed things up. I ordered the Saffron Emmer Pappardelle which came with a water crest pesto, goat cheese and peeled tomatoes. Y’all, I could probably eat this every single day. It was definitely a smaller portion, which was actually perfect for me as it ended up being the perfect size, especially since I was stealing Mamaw’s fries! πŸ˜›

Speaking of my Mamaw, she still eats meat which is why she ordered the French Dip. Obviously I didn’t try that, but the fries that came with it were AMAZING! So much so, that Mamaw wants to order just a plate of fries next week when we are there for Mother’s Day. Along with our food we were treated to an Olive Tapenade and butter to accompany our baguettes which was a perfect addition to both of our meals.

Y’all know how much I love coffee… Well after dinner Mamaw piped up and ordered coffee for dessert! You know we’re related when… #Imjustlikeher We honestly had an amazing lunch together, and absolutely loved The Standard. As soon as I got home I called and made reservations for Mother’s Day for my family. I can’t wait to go back this weekend!

Have a great week!

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