Evangelia High Tide Navy Heart And Sole Dress

I’ve been wearing this dress on repeat lately and I couldn’t wait to share it with y’all! Luckily it’s been a bit warmer here in Michigan so I was able to wear it during my daily life as well as during my trip to Florida a couple weeks ago.

This Lilly Pulitzer Evangelia dress first made it’s appearance in my Curvy Guide to Lilly Pulitzer post a few months ago. I ended up ordering BOTH colors/styles that the dress comes in as I absolutely fell in love with it. This High Tide Navy Heart and Sole pattern has gone beautifully with my wardrobe and helps bring it into a lighter Summer version. I’ve been mixing a lot more white over black lately for a more preppy and cheerful attitude.

I dug out my seashell purse from last summer to add a more beachy look, not that I needed help with that one. I kept my jewelry classic with my Lilly Pulitzer Hoop earrings as well as my gold mirror Monogram necklace that I bought off of Etsy. This week I paired the dress with a white duster and bracelet stacks for a boho vibe and it turned out to be very playful and fun! I’ll post that picture on my Instagram later this week.

Have a great week y’all!

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