Traveling Pescatarian: Mulligan’s Grille

I’m going to let you in on a little secret or a life/eating update if you will. After a year of being a STRICT vegetarian I have slowly started to add seafood back into my diet. I had become a vegetarian because my body was rejecting all types of meat and just in the past couple of weeks I have been craving it again. I am a firm believer of listening to my body, so give it what it wants! You might notice that the title has changed for my Traveling food blogs, when I do NOT eat a vegetarian meal it will be called a Traveling Pescatarian post. My first one happens to be from Mulligan’s Grille in the Outer Banks, North Carolina!! What better place to start eating seafood?!?

There are tons of restaurants in the Outer Banks to eat for lunch, but Mulligan’s Grille was packed and to me that’s a great sign of a fantastic place. As we pulled up I noticed a boat (literally) full of fresh herbs by the parking lot as well as the fresh herb tower by our table when you walk in the door. I LOVE fresh herbs so this was a fun surprise for me. Anyone know where you can get one of those towers?

I had been craving hush puppies and ordered a basket of those as soon as we sat down! They came in this adorable basket, they were hot, crisp and the perfect starter after a busy morning. Since we were headed to the beach later that day I needed to eat a bit light which is why my Mom and I split the daily special of the soft shell crab tacos. This was both of our first time eating soft shell crab, we’ve had normal crab but never have been served where the entire thing is fried and made to eat whole. I wasn’t quite ready for that experience so I actually pulled the crab out and dug out all of the meat to put on my taco. The tacos were amazing, filling light and the crab wasn’t to fishy but meaty and flaky. Perfect for heading out to the beach.

My Dad ordered a burger but his fries were so cute I just had to take a picture! Note: Apparently I love things in mini baskets. My Mom had also ordered the Warm Pimento Cheese dip for us to share with our tacos. I am a HUGE Pimento cheese fan and even stocked up at Costco earlier that week in Virginia to take home. This dip was WONDERFUL! It had that right amount of kick to it and gave me that crunch to go with the soft shell taco.

This little hopping multi story restaurant was definitely a favorite of mine and I would love to try more of their menu when I return to the Outer Banks. Until then, have a great weekend y’all!

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