What’s in my Pool Bag

I have created a bit of a weekly habit this Summer, my Mom, Mamaw and I have been hanging out at my Mamaw’s pool on Sunday mornings. It’s been so blissful and for some reason we’ve had the pool to ourselves (she lives in a condo complex) which has been perfect for us to relax, float around and catch each other up on our weeks. Mermaid Sundays have become my favorite part of the week and I thought it would be fun to share what’s in my pool bag with you.

Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote

I know I’ve shared this tote before, but it literally goes with me everywhere! It’s a fantastic pool day bag and cleans up so easily. The tote is open which helps when it comes to storing multiple towels, I love the inner pockets for things like my phone and sunscreen. The best part? My monogram of course! Y’all know I’m a sucker for a monogram.

PINK Sandals

I saw Victoria Secret’s new PINK sandals and just knew I had to order a pair. The hardest part was choosing which ones! I went with the soft pink and glitter, because why not be extra like that. I loved the Pizza from the NY ones as well as the flowers on the Hawaii ones as well but would have loved the option without the states on there. They run true to size as I am wearing a 9.

My Mom, Mamaw and I all have blue toes this Summer in different shades!

Pineapple Tassel Towel

Circle towels have been all the rage and this one was just to adorable to pass up! It has tassels for a playful edge and who doesn’t love pineapples?!? Although it’s not the most practical towel, it’s still fun and mermaid worthy.

Don’t worry, I happen to be wearing a strapless swimsuit. 🙂 It just didn’t show up in the picture.

Aveeno Unscented Sunscreen

Being majorly allergic to scents is especially a problem in the sunscreen world, which is why when Aveeno came out with one I wanted to jump over the moon and gift everyone I know with it! Please keep in mind of the silent sufferers when you put on your smelly products that you think smell good but can send others straight to the hospital.

Taking care of your skin is very important to me which is why I wear a SPF 30, I used to wear SPF 8 and as I’ve gotten older I have upped my dosage.


Treat yourself to some Shark Week episodes and make a Splash this week!

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