Traveling Vegetarian: River City Grill

We’re taking it back to my quick trip to Florida this past May with this one. What’s a hungry girl, wandering around her new piece of property supposed to do for food around Port Charlotte?! Cross the bridge and head to Punta Gorda for lunch of course!

If I’m being completely honest, I was actually headed to the Blue Turtle, especially since I had just had a visit with my new Turtle Tennent! Unfortunately they were closed when I got there, so a hungry Katie started walking down the street when I ran across River Street Grill which was a total gem!! Because of the late lunch time I was seated right away. I had been looking at the menu outside so ordering was a cinch.

I started with the buffalo cauliflower, and oh my goodness this was so amazing I had the rest for breakfast the next day. I can’t eat buffalo/spicy things every day but this was a wonderful treat.

For my main I got the portobello burger which was topped with this amazing homemade sauce, sautéed onions and came with homemade chips. I happened to be on a Keto diet at the time (I’ll get into that in a later post) and this was my first time eating out on it. Which means I didn’t actually eat the bread, but I did make sure to try one chip!  I’m not the biggest chip fan, so that really wasn’t much of an issue for me to begin with. But the portobello was beautifully done, extremely filling and perfect for my strict diet at the time. Not to mention that broccoli slaw was the perfect touch with it.

River Street Grill was definitely a favorite of mine and I plan on returning next time I’m in the area, my server was fabulous and talking with the locals was really fun. Not to mention telling them about my land purchase! 😉 I even chatted up someone who owns a monkey sanctuary in Costa Rica! I just love that area of Florida!

Have a blast this weekend!


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